So exactly how many times can you stop an eviction?

(Good question)

If the full process for stopping an eviction is implemented it could be upwards of 3-5 times.

Here is How Many Times You Could Stop an Eviction

It has to do with how many legal maneuverings you could do to make the landlord start the eviction process over again. Does that make sense?

If you follow the full plan located here: stop your eviction article

and here: 12 More Ways to Stop an Eviction

Yet, you could stop the eviction several times. Which would result in the landlord having to start the eviction process over again. Thus, taking them lots more time to remove you from the residence.

It All Depends Upon How Far You Want to Go

Most people just need a few more weeks or maybe a month to get their affairs in order to be able to pay the rent in full or move-out smoothly. Those are the goals for most people.

They just need a little bit more time to make it work.

However, it is possible to work the system to a point of staying a very long time. Months and even years. However, if you push for staying “years”, the rent will still need to be paid.



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