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The methods below show how to stop an eviction after a court order.

There are several ways to accomplish this task. Remember no method will stop an eviction forever, but pausing an eviction for a time will allow you certain benefits. See the complete list of 12 Ways to Stop an Eviction

Like saving up money to pay the rent balance in full. OR saving up money to get a new rental unit smoothly. Those are very worthwhile goals to achieve.

Can You Stop An Eviction After Court?

Yes, it is often possible.

The real problem is that a judge has already given a judgment of eviction to the landlord. However sometimes you were not there, as a tenant to defend yourself. This is called a “Default Judgment of Eviction.”

Other times, you were there at court and lost your side of the case. This is completely normal. Most of the time if the issue is non-payment of rent, then unless the rent is paid, the landlord will win.

But, you can delay the eviction process and buy some time. Lets get to it.

How To Stop an Eviction After a Court Hearing

  1. File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    This strategy works best when living in the handful of States that allow a bankruptcy to stop an eviction after a Judgment of eviction has been rendered.

    However with that said, many judges have honored the bankruptcy filing for 30-60 days even though they didn’t have to.

    So, if this strategy is something that you would like to try, make sure you have a firm Plan B.

  2. File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    Same as the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy above. There are a few States that allow a bankruptcy to stop an eviction for at least 30 days. After the 30 days, the rent monies would need to be deposited with the bankruptcy court to continue to “stay the eviction”.

    But, those 30 days may be just the 30 days you need to pay the rent. That will usually equal 2-4 paychecks.

  3. Appeal the Judgment

    The appeal process takes the case to a higher court. This is useful when there is evidence to present that was either missed in the 1st hearing, or when there was a default judgment issued on the 1st hearing.

    An appeal is usually the cleanest fastest way to add some time to the eviction process. However, this method requires some special understanding of the court process at your local county court. It is possible, but only for those people who know their local court very well.

    Usually it is best to hire a lawyer to do this. But what happens if you don’t have the money for a lawyer?

    The next best option is to use a Stop Eviction Service (local or online) to help with the paperwork to do these types of things. An appeal is usually well within their skill set. These Stop Eviction Places help 1000s of people a year to stop their eviction.

  4. Ask the Judge to Reconsider

    This is much like an appeal. Except the case isn’t going to a higher court. The eviction case stays with the original judge.

    The paperwork for this is usually best left to a local attorney. But, if the attorney is too expensive, then a Stop Eviction Service would be the next best choice here too.

  5. Fix The Problem With The Landlord

    Sometimes the eviction is for non-payment of rent. In that case, only the rent can fix the problem with the landlord.

    Yet, other times, the eviction is for something else: pets on the premises, loud music, extra people living in the unit, etc…

    In these cases, sometimes if you talk with the landlord and fix the problem, the landlord will drop the eviction. Remember, they usually just want steady rent coming in. And if you are nice, they sometimes are nice in return.

So, Is It Possible to Stop An Eviction After a Court Judgment? YES

Yes. If you are facing a sheriff notice of eviction and you haven’t had your day in court, get moving. Today is the day to make that happen.

Most county courts don’t give a lot of time to take action. The landlord is waiting for their rental unit to be able to rent it again.

If you take action and move quickly, you can in many instances stop an eviction after the court judgment.

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Jasmine Allen

Jasmine Allen - 14 year legal assistant. I am passionate about the topic of eviction. I like reading and enjoy taking long strolls with my husband in the park near our home.


  • Micki Pfeifer

    November 30, 2019 - 2:40 PM

    I am being evicted went to court and my date to be out Is Dec16 2019,I have a 7yr old son and we have absolutely no where to go from here my apartment is HUD I have no rent so back rent was not the issue, it was my ex boyfriend coming on property and he was put on no trespassing back in Aug 2018 for domestic assault, he has came back and assaulted me several different times and currently has a warrant for his arrest for the last one and is currently going to court on a past one that the state picked up. Ok I am familiar now with the VAWA act for HUD tenants and I have the form telling about it was in my initial lease, which we didnt go over at the time I happened to see it this past summer, well upon doing research on this it seems that my landlord should of given me the form that goes with this with my first eviction notice that is how its supposed to be stated in the documents I have downloaded to my phone and these are federal documents,that she is required to give this to expected domestic violence victims that are tenants and facing eviction for reasons of a domestic nature, she is well aware WELL aware of my situation and that he had made himself a spare key to my apartment and came in and assaulted me so why did the judge not care when I brought this up to her either and my apartment manager when I’ve brought it up to her before court I asked in a message on messenger why wasnt I told about this to protect me from being held responsible for my ex’s violations and abuse towards me for an eviction? She said nothing ! Nobody cares ! I am not getting why !? I had an attorney thru our legal aid here In kcmo and he tells me the morning of my court date that no one would be able to attend court with me! So I went into the bench trail alone no witnesses no attorney and of course it was my apartment manager and their attorney. So what can I do because I have read things that this was put into an act because the government realized that in domestic violence situations that the woman and children were being evicted for the situations that will and can occur from being in a domestic violence relationship like them basically black mailing the woman into letting them come over and there for when they are on a banned list and in turn while there if victim doesn’t comply with all the demands of said abuser then they in turn will create situations that get them evicted. And that’s my case exactly and what got the judge to rule in the favor of my landlord, but if I would of had this VAWA in my lease then I could be putting my Christmas tree up with my son instead of packing my things with no where to go. I am currently on the low housing voucher waiting list too and I’m sure this is going to cause me to not be able to get my voucher now because they are both HUD and you cant be evicted from HUD. This is a farely small town I live in and my landlord and ex boyfriend dated in middle school so they know each other and she made it very clear from beginning that she didnt like him and that she listens to gossip in this town, my neighbors have all said that they cant believe the treatment I’ve gotten from this manager. She let’s other tenants on HUD their violations go under the table like having men live with them not on the lease and drug activity and felons coming In and out, fighting in the parking lot, one girl totally moved out with a boyfriend and her childrens dad moved in with the 3kids and the landlord heard of it and just asked her about it! If that was me I would of just got a eviction notice because this is actually my 3rd eviction from her the 1st one was my ex got arrested not here but gave my address for where he lived I got that dropped then the next one was him coming here and assaulting me I had to write her boss a note and it was lifted. So its like she hasnt been able to wait for one to stick but admitted in court that she has had no problems with me at all besides my ex. What can I do?!? Help me please!

  • Enrique and Liz Langam-Garcia

    February 3, 2020 - 5:30 PM

    We were just evicted from our mobile home park. If this holds up, we and our 85 year old mom will be homeless. Due to park manager, a complaint was filed. They lied through the process and the judge let them get away with it but was very tough on us. He was favoring their attorney and would not even review docs on our side. One of their witnesses also lied to make their case.

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