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Do you need to stop eviction before a court date?

Is your court date coming up?  (is it as close as tomorrow?)

If you take action quickly you can stop an eviction even if your court date is tomorrow.

Although,…surely don’t wait that long to take action if you have 2-3 days before the court date.

Stop Your Eviction Before The Court Date

Right now, before the court date, you have all your options open to you.

If you act sooner in the process, you can delay your eviction for longer periods of time.

The later you are in the eviction process, the less options are open to you.

How to Stop Your Eviction Before The Court Hearing

First things first…you will generally want to show up to court.

Although, this is a catch 22.

If you don’t show up,  a default judgment of eviction is awarded generally automatically to the landlord because you, the tenant, defaulted on their side of the case.

However, if you do show up and have no evidence to present to the judge on your side of the case, then the judgment of eviction is usually entered in favor of the landlord anyway.

But, if you have evidence to present as to why you should not be evicted, then sometimes the judge will give you a longer stay of eviction. Or if the evidence is very strong that you have not broken your lease, as the landlord claims, then there may be no eviction at all. It all depends upon the reason for eviction…and the evidence.

See these 2 articles on 12 Ways to Stop an Eviction. That will have plenty of material in there to get the eviction stopped.

And the other article is How To Stop Eviction Fast.


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